August 12, 2011

The Blog is moving..

I'm moving back to wordpress. :)    The new blog address is

It's not all prettified yet but that will come.   Remember to update your readers with the new blog address!

August 11, 2011

New bodega picture!

This was taken by a friend about a week ago. :)   More has been done since.   The guys are staying down there one extra week to finish up everything and then we'll be moving.  Can't wait!

Eventually it'll have a front porch, and sidewalks, etc.. And they are doing the shutters and door's this week.  Can't wait to see it!


Birthday treats.

My birthday was August 4th.

I woke up and Christopher made me my morning chai.  Did a great job too!  It tasted awesome.  

Then Christian started making something in the kitchen.   A few hours later he revealed what it was.  Homemade peanut butter cups!  ohhhhh..... they were AWESOME.  And HUGE (that's a cupcake wrapper LOL)

Christian even cooked dinner!   He made fried plantain chips, biscuits, and sloppy joes.  It was AWESOME.

One of the neighbor boys gave me a birthday gift.. 

August 10, 2011

10 years..

10 years ago today in Waco Texas I was marrying an awesome man.   I don't realy know what to say, or how to say it.. it's been 10 amazing wonderful years with a wonderful man who I love dearly.  I praise YHWH for our marriage and I know it's not something everyone has.  

Now.. be prepared for a LONG post. :)

We got engaged when I was 16 (YES.. seriously.. 16) years old.  That meant a VERY long engagement. :)  So I had tons of time to plan.   I had to be 18 to be married, so we were married the first friday after my 18th birthday.

We prepared and sent out wedding invitations..

 And chose the Columbus Avenue Church of Christ as the location.   I love that building!  It's a gorgeous old place. :)

 I had so much fun wedding planning.  And loved how everything turned out.  Would I do it differently now?  Well... I might not make the bridesmaids wear what they did, and yes.. my tastes have changed but I love looking back at wedding pictures. :)  It was so much fun and everything went just as I wanted.

The first year was wonderful.   We went on a honeymoon trip to the coast and got to know each other.   That is such an odd and fun adjustment period, going from dating but only seeing each other for a few hours a week to married..   So much fun.  Would be fun to get to relive it again.

 We then went home and settled into our new home.  We lived in Eddy, TX.   Jesse bought 10 acres there while we were dating and then built our first house on it.

I got bored easily so I threw  "50s" party at our church. :)    And begged for a baby LOL

Ahh....  my skinny days

On our 1 year anniversary we went to the Pomegranate House and Cottages Bed and Breakfast

We had at that point been trying for a baby for several months.  I had my suspicions so I packed a gift for Jesse just in case..  A little bag with baby booties.  I also snuck in a pregnancy test. :)  On our 1st anniversary I took the test and we found out we were expecting Brianna!

My friends threw me a wonderful baby shower. :)

And it wasn't long before we welcomed Brianna Kaye into the world.   Funny story about my labor with Brianna.

At around 5:00 in the afternoon I thought my water broke (it did.. but wasn't a gush or anything)  So after awhile we decided to head to the hospital.  At that point my contractions were still about 10 min's apart and totally painless so we weren't in a hurry.   We called my parents to tell them we were headed to the hospital then started packing up to go.   About 40 min's later they call us panicked wondering where we were!  They were there waiting for us LOL.  Yep.. my parents beat us to the hospital. :)    Turns out we got there, and a snotty nurse informed me that my water did NOT break and that we should go home but it was our choice.   She then told my husband behind my back to not let me come back until I was screaming in pain.  So, we went home.

After 2 hours at home I told my husband we were going back to the hospital NOW and told him he could come with me or I'd go myself..    When he later told me what the nurse said it made sense why he didn't want to go.  However, I'm not a screamer.   So, we went back up there and Brianna was born less than 5 hours after we were sent home to labor for "at LEAST 24 more hours"   (oh.. and my water HAD broke just like I knew it had LOL)

She was SUCH a joy.  Adorable and the sweetest little baby.

 I mean seriously... look at that face!

At around this time, Jesse's new business, Imagination Designs was born.

After he took his 2 weeks vacation during Brianna's birth he went back and gave his notice to quit. 

That birthed the move to our next home.  We had built our first home ourselves but had a full mortgage.  We knew if we moved closer to town we could make money off the house and lighten our mortgage.  Pair that with needing to be closer to town for his business and we knew what we had to do.  Move.  This made the decision to quit his job MUCH easier as we knew our payments would be lower.  Leaving a salary job is scary!

So, we bought a lot in town and starting building a new home in Lorena, TX.  In the meantime we rented a little duplex.  Ugh.  we hated that duplex.   The neighbor ladies alarm went of EVERY morning at around 3:00 and she'd let it beep for a solid 2 hours.  It would finally get turned off and then she'd leave at like 9:00 in the morning?  So weird.  Then there was the constant cigarette smoke smell that would drift through the vents.   But, it was temporary and it worked. :)

Brianna Kept growing and getting cuter. :)


Brianna's 1st birthday party fell when we were in the duplex.  So, we had no room!   My parents let us host it at their house. :)    I made her a care bear cake and an little care bear dress.

When Brianna was about 7 months old we decided we wanted another little one.   That resulted in 6 heartbreaking miscarriages..  but YHWH blessed us once again and we were soon expecting. :)

And then we were joined by Lorien Grace!

Look at all that hair!

By this time we had moved into our house in Lorena, TX and Jesse's business was growing like crazy. 

This picture brings back a LOT of memories.   Lorien was a horrible sleeper.  So, everyday for a nap I would put her in a sling and bounce on an exercise ball.. and she would nap while I played on the computer. :)

Oh the cute squishyness of it all!

She kept growing.. and kept napping in a sling..

I LOVED having 2.  It was easier for me than one and they were both such joys.

The girls kept getting bigger and cuter. :)   We planned a trip to Disney World, and by the time it rolled around Lorien had broke her leg and was in a cast, and I was 9 weeks pregnant and horribly sick with Rohan! :)

While we wanted more children, after Lorien was born we decided to not have more children, at least for a long time.   All of the miscarriages were very hard to go through and I didn't know if I could handle more.  So I had set up an appointment to get an IUD.  

On the day of the appointment Texas had an ice storm.  Really.  It was impossible to get to the dr's.  So, I set up another appointment.  On the day of the appointment I went in, and the dr. had to cancel due to several labors.   I set up another appointment.  On the day of the appointment I found out I was pregnant.  It was such a YHWH thing that I didn't even worry much.  I knew it would work out. :)  And it did.

Not too long before his birth we moved again! :)  This time to Hewitt, TX in a larger home.  I loved that house. :)

Pretty soon, we welcomed our son into the world.  This was such a special birth.  We didn't have an ultrasound so we did not know if we were expecting a boy or a girl.  It was so sweet to discover we had a son. :)

It was also my first homebirth which was an amazing experience.

Check out the chubs!

It's been so much fun watching our three kiddos grow up.

Around this time we started homeschool.  I loved my old homschool room.   The only problem with it was that it was hardly ever used LOL.  We always used the dining room table.

Rohan seemed to grow SO fast.. 

and we started loosing teeth..

Then, at the end of 2009 we started down a path that changed our lives more than anything.   We started studying the bible in a way and with a passion we never had before.   The 7 months that followed were both the worst and the best in our marriage and lives so far.   It was a very hard time..  we knew that if we changed our beliefs so much of our lives would change, and that is hard.  Who likes change?  Esp. when it means you know you will lose friends, relationships, and people will despise you.    But we studied, and prayed, and grew closer together and closer to YHWH as we tried to figure out what we should do.  I won't lie, I wouldn't go back and relive those months if someone paid me 2 million dollars.  But it was needed, and it was good.   It caused our faith to grow and our marriage to grow in ways I couldn't have imagined.   Turned completely to YHWH and deciding to let HIM give us our path has been the best decision we ever made. 

After much study we had a pre-planned trip to Disney.  It was awesome because that gave us the entire car trip to Florida and back to talk, pray, and study.    It was also a good chance to break away.  I know it sounds backwards but we had been studying SO much, reading the bible SO much that we needed a chance to break away from that a bit, have some fun, be together, and TALK. 

So, we enjoyed our trip. :)

By the time we got back we knew what had to be done.  We had to let go of our fears, and our comforts, and follow YHWH.  That means leaving our church that we loved and setting out on a different path.   I'm so thankful for my husband.  He was such a pillar of strength during this time and we grew so much closer.

In May (I think) of 2010 we left our church and were blessed to find an amazing fellowship that very week.  

Within just 2 short months (or less) we felt led to move.  And not just move, but move far away.. to another country.  We weren't sure at the time WHERE we were going, but we knew it would be in latin america somewhere.   Eventually we decided on Costa Rica and the preperations began.

Our house started to empty..

 And the boxes started to pile up.

The week before we were to leave our fellowship threw us a going away gathering.   I'll never forget these people.. they blessed us in ways they don't even know. :)

At the end they prayed over us and it was soon time to leave.

It wasn't long and we were on a plane to Costa Rica.   We arrived at our new house and fell in love with the view. :)

We slowly started settling in, opened bank accounts, post office boxes, and just got more comfortable!

We traveled around and saw some pretty sights..

During that time we drove down to our farm and bought some property.   And moved to our little green house, and Jesus and Tammy moved in, and we've been crazy busy. :)  But those are all recent updates you can read about on the blog.

It's been a good 10 years.   We aren't getting to spend this anniversary together.  Jesse is down at the farm preparing it for our move and we just decided he'd stay another week.   This will be 3 week's he's away.   By far the longest span we've had apart.  But I know that when he comes back this time it's over.. we're moving... and that's a good thing. :)