June 30, 2011

So, What's up today?

We took a break from school today.  I've always did only 4 days a week and today seemed like a good day to take off.   The fact that I've taken off about 5 months in the past year doesn't count does it? LOL

For Brianna's spelling we are working our way through the McGuffey's spelling book.   We take one lesson at a time, Do the half the list one day, half the next.  If she misses a word she writes it 20 times.   The 3rd day we just do the words she's missed.   By the end of the week she's always able to spell all of them.

For her math, I just wing it.  If there is something she's lagging in we focus on that.  She's way ahead in addition but behind in subtraction so we've focused on that the last few days.   I checked a list the other day of what she should know by the end of 2nd grade and that was the only thing she wasn't 100% in so that's our focus now.   We don't follow a curriculum.  I just add things in as she seems ready for them.  That has been our main focus of late.. Math and spelling.  She's developed a love for SoDuku puzzles so I try to keep her supplied with them. :)  She is so far ahead in reading I don't worry about it, is learning spanish like crazy, and will soon be learning how to farm.   Nothing like real world schooling. :)    The fact that she has SEEN a volcano up close and played in the hot water from it's heat is school you can't beat. :) 

Playing in the ocean and watching the tide come in/ go out..  

Seeing birds, monkeys, and thousands of animals up close..   amazing. :)


Jesse, Jesus, and Christian are staying down at the farm for 2 weeks.   They should get a lot done!  They got the bottom half of the bodega ready to frame up the top half.  Yesterday they harvested corn by hand.  One thing's for sure.. we'll all be in better shape after living there for awhile!    Jesus is preaching at the local church in the village on Sunday morning so that's awesome. :)  

I ran the dehumidifer in our room today for about an hour.   There was about a 1 GALLON of water collected in the room.. in an HOUR.  WOW.. the rainy season has begun!  I also had to go through the kids room and collect stuffed animals, small blankets, clothing, etc.. that smelled of mildew and wash it for the first time since the last rainy season.    Running the dehumidifier this year in each room for about an hour once a week will help that this year.


June 29, 2011


What could possibly have my children running so quickly?

AHHHH... I see.. :)

We currently have Cornbread in the oven.. (made with the recipe HERE)

Can't wait for it to come out.. smells yummy.   Tammy's making a pumpkin soup to go with it.  We've got hooked on making our own tomato soup lately.. SO SO good. And affordable to do when you can buy tomatoes for a few cents from a car that drives past your house. :)   So, we're trying a smooth pumpkin variation tonight.  Can't wait to eat. :)

I ordered myself a few items of clothing yesterday. :)   I got THIS dress.. (in the aqua/ brown)
2 of THESE skirts, and THIS jumper.   I was wanting a few things for the farm.   I have ONE really full denim skirt.  I needed some things that are full, practical, modest, and you don't need a slip with.   Can't wait to get them in. :)

I've been working on the Torah School Blog (HERE) a lot today.    I had neglected it pretty badly with lack of time.. but decided to give up most of my personal facebook time and focus on it and this blog instead.  So, look for new posts every week on there. :)

Thanks to some friends of Jesus and Tammy.. some of the local people have been blessed.   We were able to ship down a large container a few weeks ago which had extra room.  So friends in Florida got together and shipped down a TON of stuff.. a lot of it to give away. :)    This is our dear friend Lorana.  In a gorgeous new apron made by Sonia of Girlish Musings, Claudia of Sowers of Hope, and the rest of their family.  Go check out their blogs and shops!  Amazing family and awesome stuff. :)  They made a LOT of pretty aprons with matching headcovers for us to hand out. :)

And.. that's all for today. :)  Have a blessed one!  I'm off to enjoy some good food!


June 28, 2011

Some updates

I've been awful at updating my blog lately.    Facebook seems to take a lot of time and then I don't feel like blogging.

Going to try and cut down on the face-booking and blog more often instead. :)

So.. some random thoughts. :)

1- Hospitality.  We are called to this, it's something all of us should try to be good at.  But it's been a struggle some here.    We have many (I really do mean many) extra neighbor children at our house all day long, every day.  I love that my children's spanish is improving, and that they have made such good friends here.. but boy.   When is too much too much?  This week I've finally cracked down and made my girls sit at the table and finish their school before they can go play, and we've been asking the neighborhood children to leave at around 8:00 so we can have some quieter time at night.  Am I tempted to wish we could ask them to leave more?  Um.  Yes.   But am I going to?  Nope.  It's needed.  These children enjoy feeling at home here, We've been able to show them that not all gringo's are rich snobs that don't let you play near their house.   When one of the reasons for our families being here is mission work we can't live in a way that doesn't allow them to be around us and feel welcome.     The house always looks like a tornado hit it.  Do you know what a white tile floor looks like when 4 boys are filling up glasses with ice (a treat since they do not have freezers) and dripping water all over the place with their bare dirty feet all over the floor?   We've had a shower broken, some chairs broken (cheapo), some toys broken, and some broomsticks broken...   We also have children who bring their bibles every shabbat to sit on the porch for a few hours, read scripture, ask questions, and listen to teachings, we always have a few kiddos sitting at our dining room table coloring pictures with my kiddos.. learning english, while they teach mine spanish,   My kids have learned that uno is NOT a game with a language barrier :),  We usually have a few kids hang out every friday night when we bring in the sabbath.. they stand in the background but take their bread and grape juice and seem to enjoy the process, there is always a game of tag in the yard, and lego building in the house, and most importantly, we've heard from neighbors that we have changed their idea of gringos... that not all are like the one's they've otherwise encountered.    So yes.. hospitality.  It's not as easy as you think.  Esp. when you realize that term doesn't mean have one family over for dinner once a week.   It's a way of living.  Not easy, but I'm getting there.  

2- I saw a post on facebook today about their dryer being broken and wondering what they would do..

Let me introduce you to our washing machine, the way at least 50% of the world still does laundry.

Now meet a dryer.

Out of that percentage.. most probably do something more like this..

Perspective people...  one thing nice about moving to another country.  It forces you to get some.

3- Just finished reading this article.  Very well written. :)   It's easy to forget that in Peter's vision he said.. do not call what I have made CLEAN, COMMON.     Wait a minute!  Did he say don't call what I have made clean UNCLEAN?  Nope.  he didn't.  It's VERY important to remember that words MEAN THINGS.  Esp. when it comes to the scriptures.  Understanding this will make you look at your entire bible in a whole new way.

5-I browse fairly often for gardening, homesteading, etc.. ideas.  I recently signed up for pintrest and love it.  What a fast easy way to keep up with those pictures I find!   Here's a link to a few I've found so far..

6- We'll be moving to the farm in about 3 weeks most likely.   Wow.   It's exciting and intimidating as well.  We've both grown up in the traditional cushy american lifestyle where we don't know how to really get out and work all day long for our survival.    Do you know how to prepare the ground for your food, plant the seeds, harvest it, cook it, and then compost the remains for fertilizer?  Do you know how to raise chickens for eggs and butcher them yourself for meat?  Do you know how to take care of a goat, use it for clearing areas, milk it for milk, and raise baby goats?   Do you know how to take care of a cow, milk a cow, make cheese, butter, natilla, etc.. from the raw milk?  Do you know how to raise herbs and use them for medication?   No?  Me either.     So So SOO much to learn.     And it's not just that.  So So SOOO much to do.  We will be waking at 5:30 every morning and working hard all day long.  We also have to fit homeschool and cooking meals in there.   It certainly won't be an easy lifestyle.. but it will be a rewarding one.

Human's aren't meant to sit around on their booties all day long.  That's where trouble, gossip, etc.. start up.  A whole lot of people with a whole lot of not enough to do.   If we keep our bodies and our minds busy it will solve so many problems.   

It's also a lifestyle that is directly linked to YHWH.  If HE causes the food to grow it grows, if he sends the rain it grows, if he sends the sunlight, it grows.  It's 100% reliant on our faith in our maker.. and it brings us much closer to him.  Seeing how a seed actually grows, how animals actually operate.. brings us so much closer to how he made things.  

If you want to hear more about the homesteading lifestyle..  Hop over to a friends blog.. (where I got that verse graphic from)  http://newlifeonahomestead.com/

7- The last few mornings we have gotten ALL of our homeschool DONE by noon.   That's like the biggest accomplishment ever for us LOL.

8- I want another baby LOL.    Anyone care to send one down here? hehe.    I love seeing all the new baby posts on facebook but there is a bit of a twinge there when I think about the fact that we've been praying for another one for almost 2 years now with not even a hint of a pregnancy.   All in his time though.. 


June 22, 2011


I don't update my blog nearly as often as my facebook..

I tried today but blogger wasn't cooperating.  

so... instead you're getting some of my facebook updates. :)

Popcorn, a new fruit tea (which the kids LOVE), and Little House on the Prairie. good night. :)

Ahh... sweet tea with limes from the backyard. Yes.. Yes I will.

and.... the daily afternoon rain starts. The early part of the rainy season here is so interesting. Sunny, not muddy at all, gorgeous in the morning and a total flood every afternoon.

Grrr..... my dear husband took one of the kids to town without telling me (again) After searching the neighbors and telling about 5 of them to NOT call the police and panic.. she was surely around somewhere I thought i might should call him.. sure enough. Lorien's with him.

What is your favorite homemade ice cream recipe? Please share!

Late lunch of popcorn w/ melted butter and salt (love our new hot air popper!) and sliced mangos..

Lorien's new obsession. Getting all the trucks that drive past to honk for her. I'm sure the neighbors love it! Esp. since we are about 50 meters from the school where the school kids get them to do it right before they get to our house.


June 20, 2011

A review.. Bonnets!

After starting the little house on the prairie series a bit ago my girls were sure they needed bonnets. :)  I had already planned to order some because they are.. well.. practical!  Plus they are cute and a nice introduction to headcovering.   So, I placed an order with Needle in a Haystack. 

She is fast.. really really fast.  And really really good!  I can't recommend her enough. :)   

Here are a few pictures of the girls in their bonnets. :)  More of Brianna because well.. she cooperated better LOL


June 19, 2011

Shipment day!

So fun. :)  A few weeks ago we shipped out another container.  It mainly held large equipment (like a trailer, skidloader, welder, auger, etc..)  but there was room on the container after that so I placed a large order at Target.    It arrived a bit ago but we finally got it to our house today.  Fun!   A LOT of it is not being opened here.. we don't have room and will be moving soon so it's staying boxed up.  Crockpots, dish sets, a nice shabbat dish set, bedspread, griddle, ice cream maker, food chopper, popcorn popper, the list goes on...  lots of goodies. :)

And nowhere to put them LOL

I did unpack a few things. :)  I got 2 of these crockpots.. they are so pretty but I wanted them because they are ceramic, not teflon.  Will come in very handy for shabbats!  and a new tortilla press.  It's cast iron and HEAVY.

This pitcher matches my nice dish set.     I wanted china.. looked at it for awhile online.. and finally decided it would be insane to spend that much.  So I bought 2 4 piece sets that match this for our shabbat dishes.  I love the colors. :)

Bought 16 of these everyday plates..  I love melamine.  doesn't break! LOL

And.. we finally have a king size bedspread again.  I haven't been able to find one for the bed we bought so we've been using 2 small quilts.. looked stupid.   So nice to have it looking nice again. :)

So after unpacking a lot more goodies I had to clean the kitchen.  Since I had the camera handy I thought I'd take a picture of one of our friends..  I'm use to them at this point.  didn't even shoo it outside.   It's somewhere in the house along with others. 

After Lorien and Rohan got in jammies they were in the mood to take pictures. :) So to finish up.. here are two of them. :)


June 18, 2011

My small size one ~ Rohan Michael Eugene

And.. My littlest.  Mr. Rohan

There's something about the baby that is just so special.   Oh.. I could sit around and squeeze him all day long.   With both of my girls we had a baby at this stage in their childhood.  Not just a baby but at this stage a 1+ year old.   You miss things when you have a baby.  Yes, he's a stinker.. and acts horrible sometimes.. but oh my.. the besos?   Worth it. :)  
He's even picking up some spanish.  He says Gracias on a regular basis and it's so cute.  Adios, Mira (look), and Beso (kiss) are 4 he uses on a regular basis.  I've heard him say some other words but he doesn't seem to understand what they really mean.   Of course, he wasn't even speaking much english 6 months ago so this is awesome. :)

Speaking of english.  He doesn't have that down too well either LOL.   He uses the word busy.  Alot.   In odd ways.    "mom.. my shirts busy"  said when he's trying to put his shirt on upside down and it's not working.

"Mom, the water's busy".. said when the water's not coming out.    

"mom.. sister's busy"  said when she's got his toy.  

No clue what he thinks that word means.. but I'm pretty certain he doesn't understand it. :)

He is the one that copes the least well with change.   Each time we move he's grouchy for a solid two weeks.  It just doesn't work well with him.  And he has strong separation anxiety.  If I'm gone.. and he doesn't know it.  He's fine.  But if he SEES me leave he's hysterical.  Or if he thinks one of his sisters are leaving.. etc.. doesn't work well.    He very much enjoys Mrs. Tammy and Mr. Jesus staying here.  He hasn't quite learned the boy's name.  He just says Christian or Christopher.. whichever name he thinks of first. :)  Yesterday he looked at one of them, thought for awhile, and called him Christanpher..  yep.. guess that covers the bases.

(okay.. a man in a long flowing bright blue cape on a horse just rode by our window.. weird.. okay.. back on topic)

He's figuring out counting.  He for sure knows what 1-3 is now.. not so sure about 4.  He seems to think he has better things to do than learn school type stuff.   And at this stage.. I tend to agree. :)   He's much happier playing with his tractors and trains.   

And.. that's all for now. :)  If you've got any questions for Rohan leave a comment and I'll ask him.  Just don't expect an impressive response. LOL


My middlest ~ Lorien Grace

So,  Then there is Lorien Grace

She's such a toot.   I'm pretty certain it's not possible for a child to be louder than this one.  She's not always loud but when she gets excited.. the shrieks.. oh my.  SO loud.  
Thankfully her bangs are looking better.  ALMOST long enough to even them up completely finally.   I'm sure she'll whack half of them off again in a few months.. but until then they will finally look good again.   She's VERY excited about getting her ears pierced this coming week.  I'll have a piercing buddy. :)  I'm getting my nose done finally and she's getting her ears done.   She's so excited about getting to wear earrings.

Her reading is coming along we took a big break from school when she was in public school here and are just now getting back to it.   She wouldn't even start kindergarten for a few months in the states so no real rush.. but she's reading short sentences and paragraphs now. :)  Her math and addition skills are good out loud but not as good on paper as she doesn't recognize all the written numbers if that makes sense?  Her handwriting seems to naturally be better than Brianna's so that's nice.  

 She likes to wear her hair in a french braid or two side braids lately.  I'm loving these trend as it's actually keeping her super fine hair out of her face!  Plus it's so stinkin' cute!

She finally has a loose tooth.  Her front tooth with the cavity is loose.  It's a HUGE very obvious cavity right between her front two teeth.  In a place where both dentists we took her too said it was impossible to do anything.. just leave it alone and pull it if it starts to hurt her.  So far it hasn't.  Very thankful it's loose though.   They said it probably started from some trauma to her teeth.  I don't remember her hitting her tooth but as wild with the climbing as she was the first 2 years I'm not surprised.  

She's really been wanting to help in the kitchen lately. :)  I need to come up with a meal plan so she can help out a bit more.   It's hard to have her help much when it's rice and beans LOL.  Only so much to do with that!

She's outside playing in the pool now teeth chattering away.  It's rather cool today.. I'd guess around 70?  not really pool weather.. esp. for Lorien.  She gets cold SO easily but she'll play away with blue lips and chattering teeth claiming to not be cool until I finally force her to come in and dry up. :)

I think she'll adjust to farm life the easiest out of all of us.  She's such a little tomboy if allowed.   She has a strong girly tendency but I think it's mainly because of her older sister being such a girlie girl.  If left to her own devices Lorien tends to be more of a tomboy.   She's started to really love riding horses and the chickens are a huge appeal to her.  

Well, if you've got any questions for Lorien leave a comment and I'll ask her. :)