March 27, 2011

Nice Surprise..

We were all curled up on the couch when I heard some loud noises.   A neighbor of ours target practices often so I figured it was them... turns out there was a celebration of sorts near our house on the lake and they shot of fireworks for the occasion.  A lot of them.. very nice firework show right in our backyard!    The Dixons, friends of ours across the lake could see them from their front yard as well.


March 25, 2011

Watching Sunsets

We enjoy hanging out on the porch as preparation day comes to a close and the Shabbat enters.   The sunsets are just so gorgeous here!

Rohan hung out with two shoes on the wrong foot and of different styles.

dirty as usual of course..

Along with his cute sisters..

and we watched the sun go down.  Shabbat Shalom friends!



We've had an abundance of guests and friends in our home lately.  So nice!  

The last group headed out with Jesse at 4:00 this morning to go to Elyim.  They are considering buying land near us and that will be such a big blessing..    took a few quick pictures before they left. :)   

I took this one.. and we even managed to get the awesome Mr. Matt in it with us. :) 

Then they took one so I could be in a picture as well.    Enjoyed your company guys!

Not only did we have guests this week.  But literally every other person in our fellowship beside one did as well.  So, we got everyone together here at our rental property for a dinner.  so enjoyable. :)  I forgot to take many pictures.. but here are a few. :)



Jesse and a few friends left out at 4:00 this morning to go to our farm.   All signs seem to be pointing towards another group of people buying land out there and joining us which means we will have went from 5 families living close by to 10ish families living close by.   We've been so blessed with this project.    

We'll all (especially the women) be the first to admit.. this was not what we had in mind.   Each one of the women's story varies a bit but they are all the same.  We wanted something more comfortable,  more modern, and had counted off this place before visiting.  Then we saw it.  The sense of peace that comes over you there is undeniable.  This will be our haven.  Now to witness the way Abba is putting together a family there.. it just amazes me.   Six months ago we didn't know anyone who is moving there, 3 WEEKS ago we didn't know the other group who is out there today.  Yet the Father is bringing us all together in such an amazing way and we all fit together so perfectly.

One of the men said Abba suggested the name Elyim.  Sounds better than the "farm" that's for sure!   Elyim was the first oasis they came to after leaving Egypt.  It had palm trees and much water and they were able to rest there on the way to the promised land.   How very fitting. :)  So Elyim it is. :)   I look forward to seeing who and what else Abba brings out there.    


March 23, 2011

Help needed

I don't normally do things like this but I'm making an exception for something that really needs done.

Funds need raised.   A family is soon to be homeless and because of past circumstances out of their control they run a risk of losing their children if that happens.  These are great people who i have seen be generous and give, even when they probably didn't have it to give.   If you feel lead to give.. use the donation button on the right of my blog and send however much you feel led to give and it will be sent to them.  Thank you so much for your help.  And if you can't give pray.. they need it right now. 

We are still alive. :)

Just a quick update to let you all know that
1- we're doing great and
2- I probably won't be online much and haven't been these last few days. 
  Starting last week we have 3 straight weeks of guests.. so not a lot of time for blogging. :)   Next week my parents visit and we'll be doing a lot of the fun touristy stuff so I'll have plenty of pictures to post when the week is over. 

so.. just so you know we didn't die. :).. until I have more time to blog.. Shalom. :)

March 19, 2011

Challah Helper

Rohan helping me make challah for shabbat yesterday. :)   I love this picture.. it's so cute!

and one of our guests.. :)

Both picture by Christian.. so he's missing from the bottom picture. :) 
Check out his blog HERE

March 17, 2011

My Biggest Girlie :)

The last picture post was all about the little two.. So here's Brianna.  :)

We recently (as in yesterday) discovered the hibiscus flowers not only taste great and make a gorgeous addition to salads, but they are good for you!  Lower blood pressure, help weight loss, and very high in Vit. C.

I love how curly her hair gets when it's rainy outside. :)


March 14, 2011

A few things

1- My house is clean and my yogurt has another full hour until it's done.  I'm bored

2- Head and shoulders is the "nice" shampoo brand here.. it costs quite a bit more than Pantene.  I find that funny.

3- Amazon rocks.  I ordered a kindle a month ago, it arrived in the country 3 days later, and shipped out of a town 120 miles from us 2 weeks ago.   Emailed them tonight and within 30 min's they told me they'd be mailing out a replacement tomorrow.  Wow!  Now that's customer service.

4- EastEssence does not rock.  I ordered some long tunics from them about 2 months ago.  Had a 20 email conversation with a rep who could not figure out that my address REALLY was my address.  (imagine that)   Finally about 1 week ago they emailed me a tracking number.. to something delivered in californa.  When I let them know I do not live in California they didn't even acknowledge the mistake.. just let me know that Because I failed to give them the correct address they had mailed my stuff to costa rica 2 months ago where it sat in customs with the wrong address.. they tried to "contact me" many times, I didn't reply so it was mailed back to them.  
Um yeah.   They never contacted me LOL.   They then sent me the tracking number (which they said they had before) and it's true.. it sat there for a few weeks.   I then asked for a refund.  They didn't acknowledge my request but instead asked for me to finally give them my address.. they'd asked dozens of times already (according to them) so would I please just send it.  SO.. I sent them a copy of the invoice THEY sent ME 2 months ago.  They told me thanks for FINALLY giving them an address (head.. meet wall) and I got it today.
I do love everything.. the tunics are awesome and about knee length so great with pants for chores that need pants.  But seriously?  How hard it it to just write down the address I gave you when I placed the order and send it?

5- The omlets I made for dinner were amazing.   Eggs, fresh herbs, peppers, garlic, onion, pepper jack cheese.  Yum.

6- Our house guests arrive tomorrow.. Safe flight friends!

7- I'm so ready to go to the beach again!

8- My mom sent me some chocolate mints.. they are amazing (I hid them in the freezer until the kids went to bed)

9- I'm so stinkin' bored


Meet Pigpen and Horrible Hair

A friend of ours told us the other day that Rohan reminded him of Pigpen.    I can't stop laughing at that.  It's SO true!  He is ALWAYS dirty.  Tonight he played in the shower for around 30 mins.. used soap, and came out filthy.  How in the world he manages I have no clue.. but it's impossible to keep him clean.  I took these today after he'd been playing for a bit (trust me.. it got worse.. he still had about 2 hours until a shower)

Check out these arms!

And feet!

And then there is Lorien.

At around 2 years old she cut off her bangs.

About a year later she did this (it was down past her shoulders)

It grew out.. last year she "trimmed" her hair a bit but not badly..

Then yesterday she did it again.   Thankfully mainly just the bangs but what a job it was!  I forgot to take a picture before I evened it up a bit.. I had to even it with the longest section she cut but can't do anything about the 2 super short sections.

I've got to get this girl trained in haircutting.  She can do Jesse and Rohan's hair.. she seems to enjoy it LOL.

I added a few bangs to try and hide it a bit.

And no, she wasn't that eager to show it off online.  "MOM!!  I don't WANT them all to see!"  I finally convinced her that although her hair looks a bit lame she's still quite cute.

AUGHHHHH...   it's  a good thing they are cute! 


Let all things be done decently and in order. 1 Corinthians 14:40

So, a forum I'm a member on and love dearly is having a Clean Homes, Clean Hearts challenge.   Alot of our house is either okay, or not fixable right now.  We are renting a house with no closets/ storage/ shelves, etc.. .. so yeah.. not a ton I can do about organizing it.   But.. some stuff I CAN do better on and I've let it go.   I've used the excuse of not enough room for stuff to let it get messy.  When in all honesty.. it's just me.  I've always struggled with being organized and neat.  You should have seen my highschool locker.  You could get lost in there.

I just hate to organize.   1- It makes a bigger mess when you are in the midst of it until it's finished.  And once I start a project like this I can't stop until it's done.    but, I buckled down and did it.  And I'm sharing the humilating pictures with you LOL.  why?  Cause I know there are more of you out there with messes!   Sure, there are some moms who can do it all.. homeschool (still homeschooling on top of sending them to spanish school), raise the kids, have a perfect house, etc..  But I'm not one of them.  Both from slacking off, and just being too busy.  I'll admit it's some of both.  So I hope this will help some of you out as well.  You are not alone!  Join me in the challenge and post your before and after pictures!

So, my first project?   The kitchen.

First of all don't judge the green. While I purposely painted my kitchen green in the states.. I would never in a million years chose this shade LOL.
Okay.. scratch that.. I would chose it above brown.

secondly. This is the ONLY cabinet/ closet/ storage space in the ENTIRE rental house (there aren't even closets in the bedrooms) So yeah.. It's got to hold a lot more than kitchen stuff which is why my food cabinets are so full. but.. I've let that be an excuse to let it go completely (and my general personality of messiness)

So.. without farther ado!

Before (above my prep space)  I use this space for my cups, plates, plastic ware, special tea, and coffee supplies.
Although now looking at this pic. I see a tupperware bowl on top of the cabinet? what in the world? Off to take it down..


The Prep area.. I admit.. I took this one just so it'd look good after. LOL. This was right after lunch (hamburgers and onion rings) so it would have been cleaned anyway LOL


The cabinet below the prep area


The area above the sink


Under the sink
Before AHHHHHHHHHH!!!   I had let the bags, pans, and rags become one big disaster area..


Cabinet to the left of the sink


Lower cabinet 1

After.. got a cardboard box and put all the small parts to the mixers, food processor, juicer, etc.. in there. Made it much easier to organize!

Lower cabinet 2
Before (that is the microwave in there LOL.. the rental house had one and it took up space and we don't use them)

After (yes.. I make a lot of bread. Why do you ask?)

Upper cabinet 1
Before (just got these rubbermaid things last week.. love em! it was even worse before that)


Upper cabinet 2