November 29, 2010

Around the house and town..

Some pictures of this week.. :)

Eric Dixon found this huge moth.  My camera wouldn't co-operate but hey.. it shows the size :)

Our family menorah :)

The kids :)    We decided to use a white candle for the center since it represents Yeshua. :)

Hanging out at the house this morning before headed to town.  We all slept late today!   I don't think we ate breakfast until like 7:00!  (yes.. that is late for us here)

waiting on the bus outside our house. :)

driving rules are certainly different.. 

We hung out in the park (it's right in the center of town) while Jesse went to the bank.

was cute.. Lorien helped him into the swing and then swung him for a bit :)

this is Rohan's "CHEESE" face.. 

\I thought the pavement was cool in the park..

They of course found a dog to play with at the park.  Dogs are EVERYWHERE here.. this was about the 4th one they played with this morning.

In the grocery store..  

They use can's and bottles very rarely... it's almost all packaged in these things.   Canned veggies and such don't exist hardly.  I guess they just use fresh stuff.

AND... their puppy. :)    We picked her up this morning.   She's 7 weeks old, full blood mutt, and named Rivka (Hebrew for rebecca... Brianna had the name picked out before she picked out the dog :) )

Lunch.. we're trying to do several meals a week raw.  (this was Rohan's plate.. I eat more than that LOL).  Those little banana's are awesome.. really sweet.

the kids loved the napkins and toliet paper.. it's all hello kitty

November 28, 2010

It's just gorgeous here..

The beauty that surrounds us is truly a testament of his amazing power.

We came down here for a bit to let the kiddos swim so I snapped a few random pictures while waiting. :)

yes, the water really was this cold LOL

Pretty birds..

Finally got close enough to these birds to take a picture.  I really need a zoom lens!

We see these more often than any other species on our back porch.  Pretty things!

and me being silly :)

November 27, 2010

Loud Monkeys

We had about 8 howler monkey's in our backyard this morning.. first time to really get to see them instead of just hear them so that was fun. :)

I found this video on youtube where you can hear the loud creatures..
Click Here for Video

I didn't have my zoom lense  so this is the best I could do for a picture :)

Outside our hotel in San Jose

Love the mountains (view from our room in San Jose)

The cuties this morning

November 25, 2010

Taco bell is everywhere

We ate at Taco Bell for lunch.  They even have a c500 menu here (pretty much a $1 menu) so it was nice and cheap.  :)  And decent too.. we've been craving junk food LOL.

(it's behind them in the picture)

Across the street.. more American invaders :)-

Picture of the front of our hotel..

the crew in the elevator :)

I just thought this was cute. :)   Last night Lorien fell asleep with her bear in one hand and her balloon in the other..

November 24, 2010

Pollo Campero

We had seen this sign out our window..

Once I googled it I figured out it was a fast food fried chicken place.  So we walked down there to eat dinner.   Our lunch at the soda was fun but not very tasty.    One thing we're finding out.. to make a move like this you've got to be okay looking like an idiot at times.   You walk in and it looks like any other fast food place, menu and cash register at the front.   So we walk up there.. then I notice menu's on the table as well?  So we sat down.. seems that was the right move as they take your order, bring you your food, a regular restaurant does instead of fast food.    Oh well.. we managed! :)   it's humbling though.   I think everyone in Texas that gripes about how "all the mexican's need to learn english" should move to a foreign country for a year or two and see exactly how THEY feel.   It's not as easy as you think!  Anyway..  The chicken was REALLY good and the kids ate like crazy.

I found the sides funny though.  You order the chicken and the sides are tortilla's, beans, rice, and salad.    Guess rice and beans go with everything!

We just got the chicken for the kids and I got a chicken sandwich.  We had one extra piece so they packed it up for us and I got a kick out of the little pack of tortilla's they added in. :)  (need to check and see if they've got lard or not)   I guess it's their version of fries. :)

Trip to San Jose

We're here in San Jose for 3 days to get a few things taken care of.   Open a bank account is today, start the residency proceedings tomorrow, and friday we get our drivers licenses.  All of these can be long processes so we needed a day for each.   We are working with a company called ARCR (associated residents of costa rica) which is helping us through the process.   They aren't overly cheap but come highly recommended.  Instead of doing it on your own they guide you through every step, take you where you need to go, etc..   Plus they have connections which really helps.

Thankfully we found out today that I don't need to be there for the bank account so I'm here at the hotel with the kiddos.   and it has internet access.. yeah!! :)     The hotel is a bit um.. really nice.  but they spoke english, were close, and we have our own private bathroom, etc.. so that's nice.  And AC!!  I love having our windows open at our house and breathing in the fresh air but downtown San Jose isn't so much fresh air.. it's like any other big town.. smells like a city and car noise galore.

The drive up here was great.  We hired the same guy to bring us to the ARCR office.  We'll take the buses back but to get here in time for our appointment it was leave at 5:15 in the morning and endure a bus ride with the kids.  So, we hired the van again.  Worked really well and it was alot of fun to see the country.  The driver speaks pretty good english and stopped along the way several times to show us things (and even took our picture by the ocean! :) )  So that was nice.

We ate lunch at a soda down the road.. it's like a 50s diner.. pretty neat. :)   Everyone should do this.   Maybe not MOVE, but just get out of our little zone and see some of the other parts of the world sometimes.. it's been a joy to see more of the world.  I hope to see even more of it in the future!   Learning the language here will surely help out though.  I know more than I thought I would (spanish I mean)   Not nearly enough to speak it yet but I can read most of the signs, etc..  the nice thing about reading is you can look at it long enough to figure it out... listening not so much.   But the people are awesome.  If you try some spanish, they try some english and between the 2 of you it works out.

Anyway.. here are some pictures from the drive up.   :)

Pretty rainbow.  We've seen them daily since arriving..  So I took a picture through the window of the van :)

The naughty nino as Brianna calls him

the field on the right is rice.

If you look closely in the middle of the picture you can see a cruise ship docked..   I love that we LIVE where most people just get to visit.  :)

This is the pacific ocean side for those curious :)

not sure what these flowers were but I love them

coca-cola invades everywhere! LOL

I'm here too!

Check out the bridge..
And the view from the bridge..

View from our hotel window.. that's the little soda we ate lunch at

yumm.... domino's...