October 31, 2010

Get the look.. modesty style .. tie a headscarf

So, I've had a ton of requests.. I thought I'd post this to see if it helps someone. :)

This is just a normal size scarf from target.  I have found the lighter scarfs (not the thicker winter ones) work better.. but I have used a pashima and that worked as well.   Make sure they aren't the super narrow scarves either.  they need to be wide enough (some are stretchy so just stretch them to see the width after stretched.. not before. you can stretch them to cover your head) to cover from your forhead to the bottom of your hairbun.

So.. first I put my hair in a low bun.  Actually, I have no hair pretty much so I just gather up what I've got in a low scrunchie.  

Then, drape the scarf over your head.   Place the center on the top of your head so the two tails are of equal length on each side.   I also put it about midforehead in the front.. keeps it from slipping back too much and you can always push it up to where you like when you are done. :)

Next, take the two tails and gather them together in each hand..

Then tie the tails under your bun.

wrap the tails around your bun..

Then you tie the tails together.   Most of my scarves have fringe so I leave the edges out.  If you prefer you can tuck them into the scarf.  

tip.,,   I don't have much hair so I use a really thick scrunchie to bulk up my bun.  Otherwise there's not really enough hair to wrap around. 

Fun times..

We went to the Warren's home for erev Shabbat and Shabbat as well.   It was SO  much fun to get together with everyone one last time before we left out.  We hope to go by and see Jesus and Tammy in florida as they are arriving there the week before us before they leave the states as well.   I'm not sure when we'll all be together again so that makes me sad.  but I'm VERY thankful for the internet, skype, etc.. that way we can all still stay in touch. :)

Had to get a few photo's before we left. :)  They pull out hairbows so quickly it's nice to get a photo while they are still IN their hair and the kids are actually clean LOL

Teehee.. we spent the night in a hotel while there (priceline for the win!  $40 for a really nice hotel w/ free hot breakfast in the morning) and I thought this was just too cute :)

Buddy's dog-dog.. he thought it needed to look out the window.

yes.. Rohan IS wearing the same outfit.   yes.. I DID try to get him to wear something different.   If any of you family coming to his b-day party want to know what he likes.. he LOVES cool clothes.  seriously.  far more than the girls ever did.  He likes TRUCK shirts.

And.. at the warren's.  I finally remembered to get my camera out after it got dark.  Opps!   We had a great time.. love you and will miss you all.   Thank you SO much for just being the amazing examples you are.

kids.. they were excited to finally get to play wii after the sun went down :)    Lorien seems fine leaving everyone and everything as does Rohan.  Brianna on the other hand is much more emotional.  She's sad about leaving them all behind. :(

October 29, 2010

around the house..

Brianna's feet LOL

Lorien and Man.

Brianna taking me some new profile pics for facebook :)

Get the look.. modesty style :)

I am in LOVE with these skirts.   I bought a few and asked around for the best price.. and had friends send me free one's!  So excited. :)   So I thought I'd spread the word.  They are super comfy, they are wrap skirts so they fit a big range in sizes, and can be worn a lot of different ways.

Here's one that was gifted to me.

and the same skirt worn different ways.

Okay, I bought a variation of this skirt in the mall at the store called Earthbound trading company.  http://www.earthboundtrading.com/
they were $39.99 there. 

Also here.. http://www.themagicskirt.com/Home.html

and here.. http://www.enwrapturevintage.citymax.com/homepage.html

the shirt is another of the Kohls tees.. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/womens/brandswomen/apt9/tops/PRD~463879/apt+9+Essential+Tee.jsp

scarf from burlington coat factory..  jewelry from Maurice's.

Get the look... modesty style :)

So, here's part 1 of the new series I'm starting. :)   I know how hard it is to find cute modest clothing.. so I'm hoping this helps some people! :)

But the skirt at Maurice's.. it's even 100% cotton!  - http://www.maurices.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3935444    $39.99  This I ordered.. most of the stores do not have the skirts in the store.. everything else here was bought in person.

tank top,. I really like these tanks.  the straps are adjustable (so you can make it high enough) .. it works great for under low cut shirts.  http://www.maurices.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3754451&cid=1082323&cp=3677332.3598611.3598574  $20.00

earrings.. (don't have them in in the pic. since I forgot to put them in LOL)  http://www.maurices.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4411279  $8.00

shirt..  I LOVE these shirts from Kohls.  they have a ton of colors, wear well, and have a high enough neckline.  http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/womens/brandswomen/apt9/tops/knittops/PRD~463879/apt+9+Essential+Tee.jsp  $9.99

The scarf came from burlington coat factory and was $6.00 

Modesty is beautiful..

I'm starting a new thing here on my blog.  Once a week (or month..whatever LOL)  I want to feature an outfit.   If you are a modest dresser send me an email (suzyandkids@gmail.com)..  I'd like to do it like this..  share your name and a bit of info about you.. I'd then post a picture of you in a pretty modest outfit.. and then links to where all the items were bought (if you bought them in a real life store I'd just share the name of the store).   For this reason I'd prefer not to do it with thrift store clothing and such.  I kinda want to do it like a fashion show where readers could buy the items you are wearing if they'd like.  Does that make sense?  So.. if you'd like to help shoot me an email and a picture of an outfit.. along with where you bought each item.    And this is not just for torah observant folks.   The church I use to attend also dresses modestly so I'd love for you guys to help out as well!  (or anyone)  All sizes and shapes too!  I know sometimes it's harder for plus sizes to find cute skirts and such so I'd love those as well.

ETA.. I do prefer dresses/ skirts to be featured here.  Nothing against those of you who are not full time skirt wearers.. that's just what we've chosen for our family so I'd prefer to reflect that here. :)

October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

Poor spoiled buddy man..

He fell down and hit his head (a daily occurrence)..  and like usual his sisters took great pity on him.   They made up this "bed" brought him some snacks, etc.. one day he's going to wise up to this and milk it for all it's worth.

and.. there's an update on the costa rica move blog as well :)

October 26, 2010

lots of randomness..

We drove for about 6 hours yesterday so lots of time to think of stuff to share. :)

Firstly for those who like to skip my other rambles..pictures! :) 

All our possessions that are being shipped to Costa Rica..  This is everything but our clothing and a few homeschool books.  All our clothing and a months supply of homeschool stuff is going in our luggage to be brought with us on the plane so we'll have it right away.

And.. our latest purchase.  An '01 toyota 4runner (with a lot of miles on it LOL)   fit all our criteria for a car in costa rica.. it'll be shipped down there with all our other stuff.

and.. the rambels.

Change..   My husband and I were talking about what's changed the most in our life.   I'm not even sure how to word it.   We now have a relationship with YHWH and we didn't before?  I think the biggest change (which is a hugely still on going process that has to be started over daily) is that instead of US.. it's HIM now.  It's about YHWH.  WE no longer do the bare minimum so WE don't go to hell.   That's so NOT how it should be!   It's no an understanding the HE will give us eternal life because HE gives us salvation and because of our love for HIM we do the best we can knowing HIS spirit is in us and HE is helping us follow him.

Being set apart.   Did you know the word Holy means set apart?  wow.. changes the entire meaning doesn't it?  It's not that we are to be a "good" people.. we are to be a Set Apart people!   How should we be set apart?  It should be in every aspect of our lives.  EVERY aspect.  How we dress, how we eat, how we conduct ourselves with others, how we LIVE, how we TALK.  We should radiate YHWH's prescience in every aspect of our lives.  Am I there yet?  Um NO.  Let's just say I blunder this one daily.  But I'm trying.. I'm trying..

Taking a leap of faith.   I don't know how else to describe our move coming up (In 19 days.. yikes!)   It's a whirlwind of emotions.    I'm excited and nervous.   However, I know I trust my husband in this.   He has amazing reasons for doing this and I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is a GOOD thing for our family.   I know it's the path that YHWH wants us to travel on.  Where we'll end up I don't have a clue.. I just know that where YHWH leads you good will follow.   My heart aches at what we leave behind.   Family and friends yes.. but I know they will always be there.   Does that make sense?  In some ways it easier to leave family because I KNOW they will always be there!  I know we'll stay in contact (thank you for the internet YHWH!)  I know when I come visit they will be here, etc..  So I don't feel like they will be gone.  Our fellowship however, I know how we all drift about.. and there are to many to keep in good contact with so I know some of those relationships will  be lost.  (for now.. again in Israel my family in YHWH!  again in Israel!)  I can't even begin to express how much so many of you guys have meant to me.  You've all touched our lives in amazing ways.    Another family in our little circle is leaving the states at about the same time we are (very different destination however).. and it's sad in some ways to see us spread about the globe.. but I know others need you guys!   You (and you know who you are :) )  shed a light wherever you go and have really touched our lives in an awesome way.. that deserves to be spread around!   So.. if all of our family in  YHWH again in this lifetime... I think YHWH will be good to us and give us a block together in Israel.   I can't wait for the day!

Martyrdom   Odd topic.. I know! :)   However, it came up on the drive and ties in with the last thought.  Before the idea of laying down your life was hard for me to fathom.  Would my faith really be that strong?   But in thinking about it I know it would be!  Why?  Because I am in covenant with my maker.  (good listen on covenant here http://www.torah2thenations.com/radio-show/rico-cortes-explaines-the-deeper-understanding-of-covenant/ )    When you are in covenant the one you are in covenant with takes care of your needs.   One of thoughts when I think of dying is my family..my children. Who will care for them?  What will happen to them?   However, I am in covenant with YHWH.  That means that if somethign happens to me HE cares for them.  He's promised me that.  So that removes the worries of those you leave behind. 
The other aspect is this.  If you die.. you wake up and you are in Israel.. you are in the land with Yeshua in his reign!  It's like a fast pass there!   It takes all the worries and upset away from death (for those in YHWH).. they are in the land in an instant!   Suddenly I understood exactly how someone could lay down their lives for YHWH or others..

October 25, 2010


Being lazy and just linking to the latest update. :)


October 24, 2010

To put it plainly..

Whatever my Messiah did, I want to do.

 I want to eat as He ate, 

keep the days He kept, 

love as He loved,

walk as He walked,

and if need be, lay down my life, as He did, for the sake of the Kingdom.

random around the house pictures :)

a few random pictures from around the house last week :)

 me! :)   Brianna wanted to take a pic. of me so I obliged :)

October 19, 2010

Grass... it's over-rated

Adorable and easy headbands..

I got a few headbands similar to these free as the winner of a contest with coveryourhair.com   The girls LOVE them!  They want to cover some (probably just because I do LOL) and this works really well for them.  So I asked about a pattern and a friend recommended this blog.

  This sewed up very quickly and easily.   I'll do a few tweaks on the next one but love the pattern.  They are reversible too.. the girls are exactly alike..I had them wear the opposite sides so you could see both. :) 

And.. the 2nd headband.  I like how I folded this one better.. and the jersey material works GREAT for these.. nice and stretchy.

October 17, 2010

Gorgeous Weather.

We stayed home for Shabbat this week.. The weather outside was amazing. :)  We read torah, watched a few of the cartoons you can find online about the torah portion, sang and danced, watched this movie.. http://franklinsprings.com/allfilms/everything/a-journey-home.html  (which was amazing.. I highly recommend it!  And they don't ever mention what "religion" they are so all of you would really enjoy it. :) ), rode bikes, and just enjoyed our day together.

And.. I think I've finally found a yummy replacement for the tazo chai concentrate I've been hooked on.   See first I got hooked on starbucks chai latte's (grande extra hot chai to be exact)  Well, that started adding up so I found out they use the tazo chai concentrate which is sold at Walmart and HEB so I bought that.. worked out a 1/4th of the price.. still not cheap but worked well for me.  Then everyone else in my family started wanting chai everytime I had some LOL.  So yeah.. that was reasonably priced for 1 person.. not so much for 5!    So, I found this recipe on feelin' feminine yesterday.. and w/ some tweaking (I like a little less cocoa mix).. it's perfect!  Much cheaper as well!  

Dreamy Creamy Chocolate Chai
3 tablespoons hot cocoa mix
1 cup hot milk
1/8 teaspoon vanilla
1 chai tea bag OR 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
Whipped cream (optional)
Place cocoa mix in a small saucepan.  Stir in the milk and vanilla until combined and heat. Stir constantly to keep it from scorching.  Place tea bag or pumpkin spice in cocoa and let stand for at least one minute.   Pour into a pretty teacup and top with a dollop of whipped cream and serve immediately.

Brianna approved as well :)

October 15, 2010


Thought I would share a few new recipes that we had for shabbat dinner tonight.  It was all really yummy!!


and just to make sure the challah was fattening enough I brush honey blended with butter on mine when it's fresh from the oven. :)   YUM!

October 14, 2010

My homeschool update..

Yeah, it's non-existent.   We do some reading everyday and such but for now that's it.  I've decided our official start back to school date is Dec 1st.  We'll be moved, have had 2 or so weeks to settle into Costa Rica, then we can start back up.

We got rid of the girls cats today. :(    We found a way to fly out to Costa Rica for $2,000 less than before (will be flying out of miami, fl which we have to drive to and bring our belongings for the container ship anyway)  but that airline doesn't allow pets.  SO..  it would cost us over $3,000 MORE to fly the cats.  Um No.  they are sweet but not that sweet.  So, I listed them on craigslist with a back of plan of a friend offering to take them if nothing else worked.  AND.. within a few hours I had an email and they were picked up today.

To help make up for it I promised the girls a trip to build a bear.  :)  They had a blast.

(excuse the cell phone pic)  They even made a special bear for a special birthday women in their life this week. :)

Things are coming together!  We have all our paperwork now which is great.. now to just get it all authorized by 10 million different people.

October 13, 2010

Product review ~ Mayim Chayim Shawl

A dear friend of mine makes these gorgeous shawls and sells them on her website.  I kept drooling over them but not getting around to buying one.  She ended up bringing a few to sukkot to sell and my sweet husband bought me one!   I love it.. SO gorgeous.  And my favorite color.. PINK!   I'll be wearing pink and purple until I'm 100.. I promise.   Her work is all amazing, well done, and she's a super sweet lady to work with. :)

Here's mine..

She does awesome custom work as well and can be found here.. http://mcinspirations.weebly.com/index.html