August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Today was Jesse's birthday. :)   We didn't buy gifts or anything (I don't have a job so I'd be using money he made to buy his gift anyway LOL.. plus there's never anything he wants)

The kids spent most of the day making presents.. it was so cute. :)

All of their presents ready to go.   They even decorated the bags, and notice the awesomely decorated chair! :)

We put up our birthday banner.. love this.  It's fabric so we get to reuse it at every party.   Poor buddy had fell asleep so he missed the gift opening.

Brianna made a house and Lorien drew stick people on the sticks that went with it in the gift. :)

Birthday Dinner.. Pizza!   Our homemade pizza's are more like casserole's though so I just cooked it in a casserole dish this time around.  It was SOOO good.

I actually made dessert since it was a birthday..  Brownie w/ almonds and icing.   It was good but we are so not use to desserts.. We all could only eat a few bites because of all the sugar.  (well, except for Rohan who ate 2 helpings and wanted more)

I'm not sure what's going on with Lorien's grin here. :)

Proof I live here too. :)

Random thoughts..

We started up school last week. It's going well. We are taking a very different approach this year.

Reading and writing both from the Bible. Brianna reads a chapter everyday and then writes a short little paragraph about what she learned. I then read that same chapter to Lorien and I'm using learn to read in 100 easy lessons with her this year.

Math.. We are sticking with Singapore math for Brianna. For Lorien we are just using Lego's to help her counting skills. Brianna usually "teaches" her that after I tell her what to do with her sister.

History. One day we do Bible History.. We started at Creation and are just going to work our way through the events in Bible history. The alternate days we do other history. Right now we are learning about American Indians.

The rest is just various things from workbooks, etc. Brianna wants to learn how to crochet so I think that will be her craft.


I'm trying to make my own of a lot of things but haven't progressed to making my own soap, lotion, and chap stick yet..    I bought a tub of plain cocoa butter and that works well for here at home.. but it's VERY hard (I use a spoon to get some out) so it doesn't work well for travel.  Plus I don't use a purse, just small bag clipped to my key's so it wouldn't fit anyway.   We went to homestead heritage today to buy some herb seasoning and they have a lot of lotions there.  Everything is not only all organic but made there with products they grow, raise, etc..    I bought a small lotion bar in a small container for my bag.   They also sell many many different varieties of soaps, lotions, chap sticks, etc ..  GREAT resource for that type of thing if you live near Waco!


I haven't felt well the last 2 days and the girls seem to have caught it today. I've been pumping them full of airborne, fresh juiced fruits and veggies, essential oils, and our oil diffuser has been going next to them for the past 2 days. Hoping that will at least kick this sooner than it would have otherwise. My sore throat is gone today so it's working it seems. :)
The Daniel Fast is going well. :) I'll be fudging it up a bit tonight since I'm making the husband's birthday dinner. :) Homemade pizza, salad, and brownie for dessert. :) He turns 31 today. :) However, I've lost 4 lbs in 5 days on this! I'm quite happy with that.

I saw this clip a few days ago and it made me remember something a dear friend named Jean shared a few weeks ago. "Play is practice for life" How true! We need to remember that with our children. They should never "play" something we don't want them actually doing. Playing video games where we kill others.. would we do that in real life? Playing with wands and pretending to be magic fairies.. is it okay if they turn to doing spells in real life? I think reading and watching should be practice for real life as well. Would we be okay with actually doing what we watch or read? We can't dismiss everything by saying "well it's make believe" The problem is.. it's not. When it comes to something that seems as innocent as a magic wand.. Magic is real folks. It's not make believe. Do we want our kids Playing with magic? Is it okay if they do that in real life? I think it's a great idea to keep in mind that "Play is Practice for Real Life".

Anyway.. on to the clip LOL

"We are blind to our own blindness" This is VERY worth listening to all the way through. The entire idea of twilight, vampire movies, books, etc.. We are truly blind to the demonic aspect of it all.

And... facebook won't let me share pictures so I'll share the pic's from this weeks fellowship here. :) Like always I forgot about my camera except for about 10 mins during the day LOL


The pre-teens and teenagers :)

The food table does seem to be a liked gathering spot LOL

August 27, 2010

hmm... I think the kids were just an excuse

for Jesse to buy new lego's yesterday.

Product review and the Daniel fast..

I got this skirt in yesterday..

Love it!  Only problem is that it's REALLY long so I had to cut off 3 inches so it doesn't drag on the ground.   Nice thing is it's just got a plain frayed hem so I can make it look back to normal with a few clips of the sissors and a toss in the washer and dryer. :)

Also got this one..

The length was perfect on it.. and it's super lightweight which is good for our weather!   It's alot darker than the pic. though.

And.. I started the Daniel Fast yesterday so I'm now on day 2.   I'm also going gluten free for a month to see if that helps some minor health issues.. so food's been interesting.  Suprisingly easy though.. yesterrday went really well and everything I ate was yummy.

I'm not sure I really consider this a fast like they call it but hey.. that's the name LOL. The rules are this..
You can eat all the whole grains, legumes, veggies, fruit, seasonings, and healthy oils you want.

You can not have anything to drink beside water, anything unnatural (all "added ingredients"), yeast, white stuff (white rice, etc..), no sweeteners of any sort, no animal products, no dairy.

So.. the hardest things for me are the no dairy.. I LOVE a mug of chai every night, and the no yeast..  I love to make bread.   Next is the anything unnatural because that means I can't buy anything in a jar, can, etc.. pretty much.. it's all got junk in it.   That one I'm thankful for because we've been trying to go that route for awhile anyway so it will stay after the 21 days.  Then the no sweetners.   I'm okay with it but everything you buy has sugar or honey or something in it!   I'm fine w/ no meat..  I love a good steak and such but I'm fine without it as well.

So... yesterday I sliced up an apple for breakfast and ate it with peanut butter.    Our HEB has raw organic peanuts in a big tub.. you press the on button and it grinds them into peanut butter.   VOILA.. peanut butter w/ no sugar!  And it's SOOOO good.

Lunch.. I fixed a salad and  made a salad dressing.   I just mixed some apple cidar vinegar and dijon mustard.. was really good!   I'm not a fan of the salad dressings with oil that I've tried.  Just can't stand the texture at all.   I also put some avacado on the salad for some moisture and sprinkled it with sunflower seeds.   Yummy!

Dinner..  I fixed some wild rice and then sauteed some veggies in coconut oil w/ some garlic, salt, and cayenne.  It was SO good.     We eat something along that line fairly often as we all like it.  Easy for me and healthy.   The only diff. is that I usually add chicken broth to my rice while it's cooking for flavor so I couldn't do that.    I love that my kids sit down and eat wild rice w/ squash, carrots, peppers, and onions and love it LOL.   They don't realize kids aren't SUPPOSED to like stuff like that.  For instance, they love spinach.. hehe. :)


So.. it's going well!  I'll be super glad to add back in the milk, yeast, and some honey for baking.. but in the meantime we'll see how this goes.   Hoping it will help a few minor health issues and get the weight loss started again.. it's been at a standstill for a bit now.  So.. day 2 here we go. :)

August 25, 2010

Trip to the zoo..

We had planned on going to the museum today but the weather was so nice we switched to the zoo instead. :)

Brianna wanted her picture on this statue.. I've probably gotten a good 200 pictures on this thing LOL.  EVERY zoo trip it's got to be posed on.

Our own personal monkey..

Cute little man wanted to ride the horses.

Loralee is so stinkin' cute..

These were actually walking around.  That's pretty amazing. LOL.. these are the most boring animals our zoo has.. I've pretty much never seen them move and we've went a few hundred times.

slave labor's the best

Proof Kimberly was there LOL. 

and proof I was there. :)

All tuckered out :)

And... finish it off with Ice Cream.

Pants to skirt..

I'm needing some new jean skirts, so I decided to break out the sewing machine.  It's been forever since I have sewn so I'm not 100% happy with this one but it'll be a good around the house skirt. :)


Hoping to spend more time on one tonight and do it right.  This one lays a bit funny in the back towards the bottom.  (need to get a seam ripper at walmart to solve that!)