June 30, 2010

Zoo trip!

We went to the zoo this morning. The weather hadn't gotten super hot yet and the rain waited for us to leave to start up..

(and my computer is packed away and I haven't put photoshop on DH's computer yet so you'll be getting lots of unedited pictures in the future. :))

June 29, 2010

I really should be finishing cleaning out the shelves..

Someone is coming tomorrow to buy the shelves I keep all the home school supplies on (no biggie.. there's an empty closet w/ shelves in this room) I just can't seem to get up the energy to move though LOL. We are headed to the zoo nice and early in the morning so I'll try to post some pictures of our day. :) IF I can remember to bring the camera that is! We semi-started school today. :) I'm making my official start of school next monday. This week is just crazy busy for us.

Lorien is SO excited about this year. She get's to learn to read!

In more mommy sided news.. Rohan came and told me he needed to potty today and WENT! We drove and bought him a cookie after that.. and me a chai. I ended up with the cookie and he drank my entire starbucks chai. Me thinks that is expensive potty training bribery!

Starting to get excited!

I'm really starting to get excited. We've had a lot of people in and out of the house lately since we have everything listed on craigslist. So far 2 of the people that have came by have been to Belize. Hearing them talk about it has gotten me sooo excited. LOL

I am EXHAUSTED though. Emptying out an entire house is alot of work LOL. It'll be nice when we move though.. There will be nothing left to pack!

More sold!

We've now sold the couches, most of the shelving in the house, the vaccum cleaner, several items of clothing, some of the artwork, etc.. Ahh... it's feeling good!

Today I've got this song in my heart..

Blessed are you YHWH!! Sometimes I need to put things into perspective.. feel hated? THAT WILL HAPPEN!! Scriptures plainly tell us that we will be rejected by those who seek truth. Satan has darts to throw at us in every form that we can imagine. I will seek YHWH like a deer seeks water, I will seek refuge in my Lord. Blessed are you YHWH! When I think about what my life needs to be about, the one I seek to serve things seem to come into focus.

I think the biggest thing is to realize the only thing I need to worry about is YHWH. HIS opinion of me is all that matters.. I've got to let the other stuff slide off me. If I do all I can to please my Lord then I have done all I need to. Hopefully I can keep that mindset and grow to be more like him.. That's something that's got PLENTY of growth to keep me busy for a lifetime LOL.. hopefully I'll get a 1/16th of the way there if I live to be 100. :)

June 27, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Father's day was fun this year. :) Jesse wanted to just lounge around the house just us and relax. So we did. The kids woke him up with breakfast in bed.. which was really their breakfast rejects. But hey.. it's the thought that counts right? LOL

Then they drew him some pictures. :)

We took this picture and gave it to my dad.. Aren't they stinkin' CUTE?

Massive clear out

So, our house feels much emptier.. but our garage is busting at the seams LOL. It was so refreshing to just declutter. WHY do we posses so much JUNK? Just things we don't need OR use. It takes up space, makes more mess for us, more stuff to clean up, more stuff to lose, more stuff to break, etc.. WHY do we do that to ourselves?

I saw a blog the other day that said we are replacing people with things and isn't that the truth? Folks use to live 7 or more to a small home and were perfectly comfortable and happy. Now we live 4-5 to a huge 2,000 sq. foot or more home and still run out of room for JUNK. I mean really.. who needs 100 changes of clothes? Who needs more than 10 pairs of shoes? Who needs expensive designer clothes? You know how many people I could have feed with some of my shoes that cost more than $50? (I don't have many that cost that much but did have several heels that did) My selfishness makes me a bit nauseated sometimes when you look back and realize what you wasted your money, thus your husbands (or your) times at work on.. and the good you could have done with it instead. Ugh. I've sat here in a huge house, full of things we didn't really use, full of clothing and toys, and never really did much to help others. May I do better in the future!


Even if we are in the U.S. for a few more years it'll be so nice to have less stuff to mess with. Now if we can just get it all sold.

What to keep.. and what to sell?

We are not entirely sure how we are moving things down there. We think we will most likely hire someone to drive a truck full of our possessions from Texas to Belize and we will fly there. We know we will keep these items..

Jesse's laptop and computer set up
My camera
our bikes
our mattresses (supposed to be hard to get good one's there)
our linens and towels (again, harder to get there)
my cast iron pans
my nice knife set
clothing that is 100% cotton and practical (for coolness reasons cotton will be cooler)
all homeschool supplies
Jesse's tools
all of our study books
and then a decent amount of general books
a few toys for the kiddos
pictures/ albums/ etc..

and I think that's it.. That will pretty much fill up the truck.

So.. most everything else will go.

Anyone made an international move? We'd love more input on what to keep and what to sell.

I still can't get over the the fact we are doing this LOL. I never dreamed we'd just pick up and leave. I mean, you talk about doing mission work and how that would be cool but I never dreamed we'd actually ACT on it. I'm starting to get really excited. :) When our house and lot sell we can for all intents and purposes retire there now IF we live simply and grow our own food (which shouldn't be a problem since they have a year round growing season.)

June 26, 2010

New Blog, New Life?

Wow. I'm not even sure where to start! We have tried to give our lives over to YHWH and he has lead us in a direction I never in my wildest dreams imagined. It's exciting, scary, sad, hopeful, and thrilling all at the same time. To make a long story short. We are moving. Here are some clues as to where we are going..

If you looked closely at that last picture you probably saw the location. We are moving to Belize. We aren't sure when. Our house must sell first, and then Jesse might head down there alone for a month to get things rolling. We have much to work through and make decisions on before we go.. join us for the process!

I truly can not imagine leaving this area. I was born and raised here, all of my family and friends are here. We've made a life for ourselves here! But, when YHWH calls we must answer. I know he has blessings in store for us if we simply follow the path he lays out for us.

So, join us on our journey! It's sure to be one that's both full of triumphs and failures, laughter and crying, and most importantly.. YHWH. May he bless us on our paths.

June 2, 2010

Ice cream in a Bag

Ice cream in a bag.   Fun to make and it takes less than 10 mins!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk or half & half
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • 6 tablespoons rock salt
  • 1 pint-size plastic food storage bag (e.g., Ziploc)
  • 1 gallon-size plastic food storage bag
  • Ice cubes

How to make it:

  1. Fill the large bag half full of ice, and add the rock salt. Seal the bag.
  2. Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into the small bag, and seal it.
  3. Place the small bag inside the large one, and seal it again carefully.
  4. Shake until the mixture is ice cream, which takes about 5 minutes.
  5. Wipe off the top of the small bag, then open it carefully. Enjoy!


A 1/2 cup milk will make about 1 scoop of ice cream, so double the recipe if you want more. But don’t increase the proportions more that that — a large amount might be too big for kids to pick-up because the ice itself is heavy.